Libranor’s method is comprised of 3 elements.

  1. Neurology: How the brain creates conditioning and automations
  2. Biochemistry: What the body needs in order to be in balance. There are no black-and-white answers to this question.
  3. Psychology: How thoughts and feelings affect your eating patterns.



Background story:

Many years ago, when Anita was struggling with bulimia and overeating, she - like many others - tried a number of different treatments, diets, etc. Unfortunately, without much effect at all.

Most of the treatment methods were based on self-control. She should stick to a meal plan, specific eating patterns and exercise routines. Unfortunately, it was not quite as simple as the therapist's theory, because Anita had an undeniable urge to eat. After a series of failed attempts, she came to the conclusion that she had to find out how to make the urges to go away. The strong urges were simply too difficult for her to resist every single time. She embarked on a long journey, to find out what triggers overeating and how to overcome them.


How do we work?

There are three main areas of focus for our work, the physical body, our mental health and then our habits and conditioning. All three are equally important, as our chances for permanent recovery decreases if we do not take all three areas into account. When we bring ourselves into balance this way, the urges to overeat disappears.

 We must ensure that the body is in balance, and that the body gets its needs fullfilled. The digestion, metabolism and nutrient uptake need to work properly, so the body does not go into survival mode. We explore what your body’s imbalances might be, and look at how to help you balance them.

We also need to explore and work with our thought patterns and emotions around our lives and food, and take a closer look at how we treat ourselves. This is important because our psyche can cause a lot of mental pain, and very often we then use food as painkillers. Our method for solving this, usually has led to quick breakthroughs for our students. That is because we usually unconsciously create a lot of this pain ourselves, through our thoughts.

Finally, we need to look at the part that is habitual and conditioned. Compared to physical and mental imbalances, this part usually only accounts for about 10% of our problems. This means that when the previously described problems have been resolved, the conditioned part usually is relatively easy to solve. The next step is then to implement and automate the new stuff we have learned, so that we form new neurological pathways in the brain. From THIS point, we no longer need to rely on our willpower to keep our eating habits in check.

And that is when you are finally FREE!!!

You no longer need to use self-control to stop yourself from eating all the chocolate in the kitchen. It can be there, and you will not care, because the chocolate no longer calls your name.

You do not have to live your life on a diet, follow a meal plan or count calories. The body no longer asks for more than it needs.

Most women that we talk to, already know a lot about food and what they should and should not eat. When you no longer have cravings or strong urges to overeat, you can suddenly put all of that information to good use! What is best for you might not suit another, so we aim to support you in your way of eating, rather than telling you what to eat. Most people choose to eat healthy when they have regained balance.

You will:

  • Find YOUR way of eating.
  • Follow YOUR inner compass.
  • Follow YOUR dreams.

We love guiding our women back to their freedom, and we look forward to finding out what you want to do with all that new spare time you will have. After all, our food issues consume a lot of our time and head space, and this will now be freed up – to be spent however YOU want!

Do you want to learn more?

If you want to break free from overeating:

To find out if the Break Free From Overeating Program" is a fit for you, book a discovery call with one of our coaches here at Libranor. It is free of charge and without obligations.

Libranor now offers our own education program for you who want to become a coach using the Libranor method.

Starting autumn 2021, Libranor opened up our own coaching program.

After completing the education, you will have the opportunity to apply for a job as a Libranor coach. You can also use this education as a supplement to another job.

Anita Kargård, the CEO of Libranor, will be your mentor.

As of now, the education is only available in Danish/ Norwegian.