Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is included in the free call, that you offer?

On the call we go through where you are at, what is working and not working and where you want to go. If we can help you get there, we can look at what it would take for you to resolve what is stopping you. For instance for most people their main problem with the eating is their urges. In that is case we can look at how you can make the urges go away. If you need more help than we have time for on the call, we might give you an offer for one of our programs. If you need something else, we will recommend that to you. The call is about creating a strategy on how to solve your issues, so you don't stay stuck.

You can book a call here:


Q: What is your method to solve overeating?

Most people have tried a lot of stuff, using their willpower. That doesn't work, in the long run. What we do is to help people get rid of their urges by:

  1. Balancing the body, so it works with you instead of against you. 
  2. Clearing out automatic negative thoughts and emotions.
  3. Reconditioning yourself. 


Q: Will it work for me, even if I have struggled with food for 30 years?

When we work this way, age or how long you have struggled doesn't really affect your results. It is like changing a playlist. It is not going to be harder to change a playlist if it has been playing for a long time, than one you just put on. Because of this, we have great results also with those who have struggled their whole life.

You can read what others are saying here:


Q: I know what I should be eating. And I have done therapy. I am still overeating. What do you do differently?

Most people know a lot about food. That is what people study, if they struggle with their eating. The ting is, it is hard to use that knowledge as long as you have urges. A new mealplan is not going to resolve your issues. But when people don't have urges any more, most of them chooses to eat pretty healthy. Because that is easy, when you don't have urges.

Most of our students who have done therapy have experienced that eventhough the therapy helped in other areas, it didn't have much effect on the eating. We don't spend a lot of time in your past, because the solution to the urges is usually found in our right now - as in the moment you get urges.


Q: What is included in your program?

We have several solutions. A group program, an 1:1 program and single sessions. Read more about the programs here:

Q: Do I have to count calories or follow meal plans?

No. We are done with the diets now. You have tested that already - and research shows they don't work in the long run. So people in the programs eat very differently. We have people who are vegetarian, vegan, low car, paleo, western, mediterrainian.. What works for your neighbour isn't necessarily right for you! You need to find out what is right for you and your lifestyle! As long as you are forcing yourself to something you don't like, it is not going to last.


Q: Are there any bonuses?

Yes, we have 2 bonus modules. And a graduate group, where we sometimes give out a few gifts. Like free coaching with our students, extra Q and A's, new updates to existing programs...


Q: Will I lose weight?

Yes, most people experiences that their weight slowly stabilizes at a healthy level, when they are not overeating any more. The weight is just the symptom. No overeating, no overweight. But some people have metabolic issues that are making it hard for them to lose weight. We look into those too, on the program. Not everybody who struggle with overeating needs to lose weight though. 


Q: How much time and work should I expect to put into it, if I join the program?

You can work at your own pace. Most people do a module a week in the beginning. Later in the program, people spend more time implementing and using the tools they learn about. So around 2-5 hours a week in the beginning. Later in the program, not as much.


Q: How much does it cost?

We have several options here. Different programs, payment solutions..

We don't give offers, until we are clear on what you need. That is to make sure that you are getting the right help and support. We don't want to sell you something you don't need or something that is not going to solve your problem.

Because of that, you will need to get on a free call with one of us before joining, to find out exactly what you need.


Q: What kind of results are people experiencing, and do you have a guarantee?

We have great results. People are getting their lives back. Here are a few examples:

  1. Never having to diet again.
  2. Being able to have triggerfoods at home, without thinking about them.
  3. Negative thoughts are gone. Improved quality of life. Peace and joy!
  4. Effortlessly taking better care of yourself. Making better choices in all areas.
  5. Time focus and energy becomes available again.
  6. Less depression/ anxiety. Freedom.
  7. Improved relationships. Happy family.
  8. Better health and weightloss.
  9. Better financial situation. Less spending on overeating foods, clothes, diets, trainers.. 
  10. More energy to focus on the life that you want. 

This is a partnership. Not a magic pill. You will have to show up and do the work. We can guarantee that we are going to do our part, but we can't guarantee that you are...