I have struggled with food and dieting all my adult life. At 75, I had given up. But I have high blood pressure, diabetes, and other issues. Then I saw this course. This is not diets and weight but solving thought patterns on why you do as you do. After 3,5 month and – 9 kg, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful.


I have struggled with body and food for around 30 years, and now I am at the other side. I can’t believe it.

The turning point was looking at my foundational beliefs that were causing situations where I needed to eat as a reward or an emotional painkiller. Yes, I did the work, but it was so worth it.

Not only did my relationship with food change, but I also have learned to listen to myself, what I want and what happens to me when meeting others. I am so grateful that this program exists.



Here you will get help and support around the clock. I really recommend everybody who struggles with overeating to contact Anita.



I wanted to break free from my unhealthy relationship with food. And you bet I did! I felt huge changes after just one month. I have learned SO much more than just how to lose the kilos I had gained. (I have lost 18 kg now.) I recommend everybody who struggles with food, body, and serial dieting to try this course. It will change you forever.



Yesterday, like all other Saturdays, I bought our weekend treats (chocolate and some chips). I didn’t put it on the table until the evening. Later I put the half full bowls away. No problems. Yes, it is possible to break free from eating disorders. Thank you, Anita.



Good morning, Anita. I got a completely new life, thanks to help and support from you. I used to eat on feelings, and I couldn’t separate food and needs. Now I easily recognize if I need food, drink, sleep, time to myself and so on. My weight has stabilized, and I am happy about it. Thank for the help, Anita. You are GOLD.



I tried everything to stop overeating, but nothing worked, so I was skeptical about this course. But after a few weeks, I had stopped overeating. I am so happy I joined the course. My recommendations!




Anita helped me to understand what caused my urges, so I could stop them with the tools I was given. It is actually quite simple, and I don’t understand why anybody before Anita was able to tell me this. Anita is there for you all the time, and you can feel her sincere wish to help. I can really recommend this, and I am certain that everybody who has struggled for a long time, will finally break the vicious circle.



I have followed Anita’s course and I am brilliantly satisfied. You get all the tools and personal support from Anita all the way through. Recommend!



I have struggled with eating disorders since I was 12. Within a few weeks, I stopped throwing up. I also reached my goal around getting rid of the overeating. I can finally live my life without overeating and throwing up. From my experience through the last months, I would say there is hope for everyone to get out of this.



The course has been an outstanding opportunity for me to understand how I have handled challenges in my life, that has led to overeating. I have felt met and supported in this process of being true to myself and finding out what I needed in my life. I am extremely satisfied with this course with Anita. She is truly competent.



I am at a boat right now. I want to think about life when I am old. Not how x’stupid I was to throw it away on a fucking eating disorder. 3 months without overeating, thanks to Anita. I am so proud of myself. Anita, I think I love you a little.



I am so happy that I found this course. I have learned how things are connected and what it takes to find the life you want to live. I am forever grateful.



I was skeptical at first, but after talking to Anita, I felt her kindness, that made me feel safe. After a while in the program, things just happened. I started making the right choices, and the weight just steadily came off. I couldn’t believe it. I worked with my WHY, and the little voice in my head went quiet.



I have struggled with food for more than 20 years, and I have tried everything. This course saved me, because you get the understanding of why and the support you need to fix it. I hadn’t been able to do this any other way.



I struggled with eating and food for years, and I thought this was too good to be true. But now I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I don’t think about food between meals. And I lost 17 kg. I feel strong and proud and I have started working again.



What a journey in self development. I have found out how I work physically and mentally. I am now my own best friend and I learned how to take better care of my body.




To be true to myself is the most important thing that I have learned. I used food, when I needed rest, to say no and when I didn’t know what was missing. Luckily I found Anita, and now I don’t need to overeat any more.



I recommend this course to everyone who struggle with overeating or bulimia. The approach the public health care system uses, doesn’t work. This course goes to the core on thoughts, habits and how to turn these around. I am finally free from overeating.



I had tried everything and in the last 40 years of my life, my relationship with food was filled with ups and downs. Now I am HEALTHY and well, thanks to Anita’s course. I am free, and that is PRICELESS. I recommend this course to you who struggle with food. You will never regret it.



Thank you so much for this course, all the help and support! This was exactly what I needed, because it goes to the core of the problem. Anita has had urges herself and knows what she is talking about. Now I can have sweets in my house, without thinking about it. Thank you!



Finding Anita is like winning the lottery. She understands the whole picture, all the pieces of the puzzle. This is about so much more than just food. I have never felt so seen, heard and understood before. Everybody should have an Anita in their emergency kit.


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I am so happy that I joined this program. I really believe in this approach, where you don’t have to suffer over dieting or starvation, but instead learn how to listen to what your body really needs.



I finally found a program that could help me break free from overeating. It is so liberating not to have overeating urges any more. I am so happy I joined.



Here I am, having bowls with chocolate and candy lying around, and I can leave them alone. It feels so liberating. More than I ever thought, before I felt the freedom of it in my head.


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This is the answer for you who are beating yourself up. Arguing with yourself, not listening and not respecting your boundaries. Who believes that you can stop overeating, if you just pull it together. Because you can stop overeating. But it starts with putting the whip down, listening and learning. I am now free from overeating and urges, because I took myself seriously. Thank you, Anita.



I am so happy I found this course. I learned how things are connected. There wasn’t anything wrong with me. And the answers weren’t in trauma from the past. Anita supports whenever you need it. I went from living in a warzone to living in peace. If you want change, this is for you!