Meet the team


Anita Kargård

+47 93427375

Anita is the owner / founder of Libranor. She struggled with overeating and bulimia years ago, and her long journey out of her eating disorder has formed the basis of the Libranor method and this program. 

She is a certified psychotherapist from the Institute of Creative Psychotherapy in Denmark. Furthermore, she has completed a minor in psychology at UIO. She also has a bachelor's degree in equine science from NMBU, specializing in the use of horses in mental health work. Further she is a certified coach from the Transformational coaching academy. Over the years, she has also taken a large number of courses in behavioral therapy, physiology, thought processes and nutrition. 

Anita has over the years treated more than 500 women with various forms of overeating disorders. She also was the director of a treatment home, Åndehullet in Denmark.  

Privately, she is the mother of 3, active dressage rider and lives in Sætre, Norway. 


Camilla Kokkersvold
Enrollment coach

+47 90913987

Camilla is originally educated as a civil engineer in construction and has run her own business for many years. After being addicted to sugar and have been undiagnosed gluten intolerant throughout her whole life, her poor health led to serious illness.

A severe inflammation in her body sent her to hospital, through a major surgery and a long recovery period at the hospital. Gradually, Camilla found new ways to live and to rebuild her life after the obstacles she had lived through.

No one had told her that all her ailments, both mental and physical, would disappear when she began to eat differently and take herself seriously. After experiencing a new life through dietary changes and mental reprogramming, Camilla was determined to spend the rest of her life helping others who struggles with the same problems as she did.

Camilla has in recent years taken several coaching certificates. She is a trained coach and mentor from Folkeuniversitetet (major), in addition to being a certified functional medical health coach from the Kresser Institute in the USA (A-CFHC).

Privately Camilla lives in Larvik in Norway with her spouse and 2 daughters aged 9 and 13.

Camilla does discovery calls in Norwegian and English.

Nina Toverud

Nina Toverud
Enrollment coach

+47 99267992

Nina has worked for 25 years in the IT and Telecom industry with Project - and Program Management. She now works as a self-employed person and has chosen to use her expertise and experience working with child welfare as a family council coordinator for Bufetat. She has been interested in nutrition and health all her life and is now fulfilling her education as a dietician at Tunsberg Medical Institute.

As a young girl, Nina was an active swimmer, and trained a lot. She had little knowledge of the body's biochemistry and what she should eat to get balance in the body, enough food, and proper nutrition. She developed a strong sugar addiction and inflammation in her body despite all the hours training, and discovered that her willpower was not enough to control the need for fast energy. She became seriously ill with bulimia and spent all her time thinking about food and hiding her illnes from family, coaches, and friends. Only when she moved abroad as a young adult, and after a long period of self-study - did she recover. Today she has totally recovered from this eating disorder and has been healthy and not had any form of “fall back” for 25 years. This history makes her passionate about helping others with this eating disorder.

Nina lives in the countryside with her husband and 2 children, aged 12 and 18, and is also a bonus mother and bonus grandmother. Has 3 dressage horses and a dog at home on the farm and is an active outdoor person and Yoga teacher.



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