Course description:

The program is designed to help women who struggle with overeating, yo-yo dieting, bulimia or obesity to get rid of the urge/ need to overeat, by addressing the physical, psychological and conditioned causes behind it.

It´s an online course and you can start whenever you are ready to claim your freedom from the food prison.

You can work with the course material where and whenever it suits you, as long as you have access to internet, a phone and a computer/ tablet

Group program
11 program

What kind of results can you expect?

  • To find out why you have urges and how to make them go away – for good.
  • Finding natural and relaxed relationship with food and sweets.
  • Clearing away the negative thought patterns.
  • Better physical health.
  • Experience your body finding weight balance, without dieting.
  • More energy, focus and time, since the food thought aren’t running your life any more.
  • Improved relationship with your loved ones.
  • More energy for career or hobbies.
  • Better finances because of money saved (clothes, sweets/ food, diets/ weightloss regimes..)
  • More happiness.

Watch the interview with three students and find out how their lives changed when they found food freedom:

Read more testimonials here:

The 8 modules - your tool kit:


  1. The answer is in the data
  2. Balance your biochemestry
  3. Change your conditioning
  4. Be honest with your thoughts
  5. Charging your batteries
  6. Anyone pushing your buttons?
  7. It's cool to say NO
  8. Finding your ideal weight

Bonus: Finding your new life

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